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Shippensburg University’s educational leadership programs fit a variety of leadership needs and are offered in two basic formats:

Rolling Admission:  For students who like to follow their own schedules.  You can apply and start your classes during any semester.  You do not need to take classes each semester but are expected to finish your program in a timely manner.  Courses are scheduled on week nights and occasionally on weekends.  A blended format is also used in the delivery of course content.

Cohort Driven Admission:  Cohorts are groups of students that are grouped together and are required to follow a specific sequence of courses together.  They must take a course as part of the group every semester until they finish their program.  Cohorts only meet on weekends and, depending on the cohort, meet on campus or at the Dixon University Center or other locations.  Cohorts launch when enough students are enrolled.  Applicants are put on a waiting list and, if qualified, are notified when a cohort would begin.


Programs Available:

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership: Rolling Admission opportunities for those seeking an W.Ed. in Educational Leadership that includes the Pennsylvania Principal Certificate.

Post-Master’s Principal Certification Only: Rolling Admission opportunities for a stand-alone principal/Supervisory1 certification post-master’s program for those already holding a M.Ed. in an education or education related field.

Post-Master’s Leadership Residency Program: Cohort opportunities for those already serving as school district administrators who are seeking the Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility certification.

Doctorate in Educational Leadership: Cohort Opportunities offered through our ground-breaking partnership with Millersville University. This  sixty-two credit Ed.D. program is designed for those already holding leadership positions in public education or a related field.  Courses are generally located at the Dixon University Center.  All seminars are held on weekends.  Students who have completed their Letters of Eligibility at Shippensburg University have all of these 24 credits applied toward their doctorates. Applicants must also participate in an interview as part of the application process.

For more general information about each of these programs:

If you want to apply for rolling admission to a program indicated above or for one of our upcoming cohort opportunities: Under Construction

If you would like to be placed on a Cohort Waiting List to be considered and notified when the numbers indicate that one can be formed (Typically new cohorts form annually for each of the programs indicated above) follow the link below: Under Construction