Working with school districts in our region, the ELP Program faculty shall develop customized services informed Best Practices research to build future leadership capacity and support practicing school leaders.

Note: This is something we would do with you not for you with a focus on growing District Leaders from within your faculty and school leadership groups.

Program Conceptual Framework

The program framework would include possible Instructional II, M.Ed. and Post-M.Ed. Leadership cohorts, or other delivery frameworks of your choosing, co-designed by the school district and Ship.

Opportunity/Partnership Strengths

  • A well-established working relationship between Shippensburg and PDE Leadership
  • A newly created Ed.D. partnership program with Millersville University that requires research on how to overcome the effects of poverty on student performance
  • Shippensburg University’s ELP programs are practitioner driven. All full time faculty are required to have substantial leadership experience in public schools and have earned doctorates from nationally accredited institutions.
  • We also created a  Leadership Fellows program for distinguished practitioners currently working in the field.  These outstanding educators work side by side with our award winning faculty and students.
  • Our programs boast a vast network of Shippensburg Alumni-practicing school leaders in South Central Pennsylvania

We currently have customized collaborations with five school districts in our region.  If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact Dr. Phil Diller at pfdill@ship.edu or Dr. Jerry Fowler at glfowl@ship.edu.