Leadership Residency Program


This nationally accredited (CAEP) program is uniquely designed for those interested in the Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility (including Supt. /Assist. Superintendent’s Commission for Business Officials). It is tailored for individuals looking for alternatives to traditional and online programs. All seminars are held on weekends and the residencies, which are a form of practicum, are completed in a candidate’s home school district, are Act 45 approved, and include:

  • Residency 1- District Governance and Community RelationsTextbook & Laptop
  • Residency 2- Instructional and Technology Leadership
  • Residency 3- Optimizing Financial Resources
  • Residency 4- Ethical and Legal Decision Making
  • Residency 5- Negotiations and Human Resources
  • Residency 6- Facilities Management and Student Achievement

Expert practitioners co-supervise residencies with university faculty, participate in seminars and work with candidates and school district mentors. They are selected from current district-level administrators, or others credentialed with specific expertise in the targeted areas.

The residency program can be completed in one and one-half years while candidates remain in their current positions. The candidate selection process will be competitive, and only 14 candidates will be selected to participate in this new cohort. Eligible applicants must currently be serving in an administrative or supervisory position which requires a PDE admin/Supervisory certificate.

A Gateway to an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is a possibility should you successfully complete the residency program.  These courses also are a key part of the educational leadership doctoral program recently launched through the Shippensburg University/Millersville University partnership. All 24 credits may later be applied to our Ed.D. partnership degree.

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Have additional questions?  Contact Dr. Rhonda Brunner at: RABrunner@ship.edu 

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